Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Reviews of my music

reviews of my music -

"The Allure of Adam Lore" - Indie Indoctrination

Hypersonic Moon Quest - Needle Drop blog

more to come...

Deleted scene from 'The Bug Yard'

This short scene was originally going to be included in the official 24-hour comic version of The Bug Yard, but I didn't ink it in time so I had to cut it. But here it is nonetheless.

This takes place right after Andy-Boy leaves the grocery store on page 3.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

My muted John Cage video has been unmuted

Hyperallergic article "John Cage Silenced on You Tube? "

Art Fag City article #1 "What do Panda Bears and John Cage Have in Common?"

Art Fag City article #2 "The Uncanny Valley of Electrocuted Squirrel"

"I have Nothing to Say and I'm Saying It" at term paper that mentions the John Cage video.

My Open Kimono article "Silence is Golden ... Literally"

Hi Lo Brow article "Border Patrol"


Flavor Wire article "A Brief History of Litigious Music Industry Idiocy"

ClassicalConvert.com "Shouldn't they force him to ADD an audio track"


screen shot

Mental Floss The Late Movies- 9 Perfomormances of John Cages 4'33"

WFMU's Beware of the Blog "The definitive version of 4'33 on Youtube"

The Bug Yard - A 24 hour comic